Topraq Irrigation Station

  • We use our unique technology to provide near continuous measurements of the soil profile and its moisture content.
  • Our soil sensors allow user defined or site specific calibration equations to be applied to each sensor. We can distinguish between soil water content and salt content. Coupled with our central software; this tool becomes a comprehensive irrigation and fertigation management tool.

  • Using our Topraq technology we monitor the amount of rainfall and the level of evapotranspiration for that field. So we correlate soil and weather data to be able to provide the optimum water levels required for each phenological stage.
  • Knowing when and how much to irrigate during the critical phenological stages of any specific crop allows the farmer to optimize their fertigation and thus indirectly controls potential several diseases.
  • Our irrigation service centralizes all water applications to the field during the season and allows farmers to measure the effectiveness of their irrigation program and the significance of rainfall events.

The use of continuous soil moisture monitoring produced precise information

The depth of the active rootzone
Infiltration and saturation time
The water being sourced from ground water by the crop
The effect of irrigation
Daily crop water use
The evapotraspiration rate

This information was used to set the budget lines including the full point, field capacity and stress point to manage the irrigation:

Avoiding the need to put water under the root zone
Avoiding saturation resulting in plant stress
Reducing 40 % of irrigation, a result of recognizing the real need of the plant
Improving yield quality