T-Weather is an agro station
where you can monitor your local weather data in real time remotely.

Temperature, precipitation, relative humidity, leaf wetness,
solar radiation, wind speed and direction.

Accurate weather data does not come from regional forecasts and general weather sources are not reliable enough for agricultural operations. T-Weather is a new approach to farm management that uses the latest technologies to optimize returns and assure the preservation of resources.
Access to on site weather data can help you to optimize crop yields and save valuable inputs by smarter decisions such as effectively managing freeze protection, allocating irrigation resources, planting at optimal soil temperature, monitoring wind conditions, and determining ideal harvesting humidity. A local agricultural weather station is required for such data.

T-Weather is an intelligent assistant

that supports farmers to make the right decisions every day.

Access to Historical Local Data
Chilling Hours
Day Degree Calculations
Daily Evapotranspiration Values
Weather Forecasts


It helps the farmer to increase crop quality & the YIELD.
It helps farmers to reduce inputs costs & Increase Profitability
It helps farmers to determine diseases in advance by analyzing collected information
It helps farmers to analyze specific needs of each individual field & crop.
It helps farmers to create, monitor, and manage ideal growth conditions for their specific crops.